Bloodhounds and Buddhism?

The Wisdom of the Buddhist Bloodhound This is me and my husband having fun on Kindle… with our dog.  Introducing THE WISDOM OF THE BUDDHIST BLOODHOUND featuring our very own Frankie Rose. Not only is she incredibly photogenic, but just look at that face.  You can tell there’s a lot of deep thought going on between those oh-so-long ears!

This book is a humorous introduction to the basics of Buddhism according to Frankie the Bloodhound – debut author, kitty enthusiast, and seeker of higher thought. She has compressed thousands of years of spirituality into 39 nuggets of wisdom (with full-color photos) in this unique canine interpretation of enlightenment that will delight dog lovers as well as readers on the trail to greater awareness.

Who would have guessed that the high-strung Bloodhound we adopted four years ago off Craigslist would make her literary debut on Amazon?


Why I Won’t Kiss My Bloodhound

I know lots of people shower their pristine lap dogs in smooches. Somehow, purse-sized canines seem so much more hygienic than my Bloodhound. I’m not against kissing dogs. Though my lips have NOT touched this mug, plenty of other lips have!

Little girls love hound dogs.

Strolling past a neighbor’s house today, I saw him putting away his garbage cans. When he saw me walking my dog he shouted out her name. Not mine. No one remembers my name. For miles around I’m only known as “Frankie’s mom.” The neighbor then paced over and told me how his grand daughter’s constantly ask about Frankie Rose.

Last summer, when the girls were visiting, they’d race out to greet my Bloodhound. Once, as they drove past us, they forced their Grandpa to stop his truck. The girls piled out of the cab, threw their arms around Frankie and smothered her in kisses. The littlest one hung off my dog’s ears. Frankie just sat there, thumping her tail, basking in the attention.

I love hound dogs, too. Exercise, nutritious food, and big, soft dog beds is love. So is stability and routine. I talk to her throughout the day. She’s a great listener. If I’ve tired her out with exercise, she’ll lay at my feet as I type. If I haven’t, I’m scouring the house for hound-projects in the form of kibble-filled Kongs, rawhide chewies or hidden “stuffies” for her hunt down. All so I can get some work done on the computer. This is love.

Just don’t ask me to kiss my Bloodhound. The last time I kissed a dog was in 2008. My husband and I took Max, a Pitbull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, for a final walk around the garden. He’d been sick for weeks. Recovery wasn’t in the cards. Even though he hadn’t eaten in days, he pretended to want a cookie treat. He peed on his favorite stump, despite his hobbled gait. We told him what a privilege it had been to know him, to love him. Before he made that final trip to the vet, I kissed my boy goodbye.

2015 Post Script: Frankie Rose passed away after a sudden illness on November 1st, 2014. We had to make the very difficult decision of putting her to sleep. Frankie passed at home, in our arms. Dr. Deborah Rotman was the attending veterinarian. And yes, I kissed my beloved Bloodhound as her eyes slowly closed one last time.