Why do we circle back to music projects?

Above is a clip from the 2013 NHK Japan production featuring Yashiro Aki at Birdland, a jazz club in New York City.  This remains our largest project to date handling the production for a 17-person crew.

In 2015, working with our longtime associate and renowned director Yoshiaki Hatanaka, we filmed two independent documentaries — the first on the Makah Reservation in Neah Bay, WA during the Makah Days Celebration.  The second, closer to home, the life story of a well-known marijuana activist.

2018 was the culmination of past production efforts and resulted in an a fanatstic opportunity to produce with an up-and-coming new director who won a national award for his music documentary on the history of one man bands.

And here we are now, on the cusp of 2020 with a new music project in the works. Back to the world of jazz.

In the downtime between projects we’ve continued to create. While not all scripts find their audience right away, we still love writing a great story.

Completed Scripts:

Bullet Road: