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Classes scheduled semi-regularly through MetroEast Community Media.

Need us for a corporate lunch-n-learn? A conference? A panelist? Please inquire for availability.

Building Your Three-Act Structure

Whether you’re penning a script, filming a documentary, or writing a novel, you need structure. Inspired by classes from the American Film Institute, we condense a two-year Master’s Degree in Screenwriting to a four hour class. You’ll laugh, you might cry, but you will leave with a solid grasp on where your story goes next.

Ice-Breaker Interactive Pitching

Proving there is no such thing as a bad idea, this class is ideal for mid-size to large groups. Students throw their craziest ideas on a board and create an outlandish fictional pitch. Once the ice is broken in the group, the remainder of the time is spent sharing and polishing pitches for those eager to market their stories.

Producing the Low (or nonexistent) Budget Documentary

Everyone has a documentary inside them fighting to get out. Well, maybe not everyone. But if you do you’ll have to nail your proposal, rough out a budget, find the equipment and crew, shoot it, then survive post production. We’ve done it and you can, too.