My Bloodhound Ate My Gloves… and Other News

Welcome to random Wednesday.  I have no theme, no direction, and no plan for my post today… other than I’m just going to write what’s been goin’ on.

  1. Snow cancelled mini-vacation to coast with hubby.  Bummer.
  2. We made the best of the situation by turning off computers, drinking sparkling wine from Trader Joe’s, and renting      movies.  Ate pizza, too.
  3. The next day we went out for Chinese food.  My fortune cookie fortune reads: “A new pair of shoes will do you a world of good.” The Universe has a warped sense of humor.  Shoes?!? Who is writing these things and why did I get that fortune?

    My fortune?
    My fortune?
  4. On Saturday, a couple driving an SUV honked at      us, then began waving wildly.  Did      we have a flat tire?  Was our      muffler falling off? My husband pulled over.  The people rolled up beside us and asked      if we needed our front fender fixed.       Cheap.  Really cheap. My      “accident” happened in  September,      at a garage sale (of course!), when I clipped a curbside basketball hoop.  The basketball hoop was fine, but the dent above the front wheel? A little larger than a gravy boat.   After we emptied our wallets, and scraped up the coinage in the console, this guy popped the dent with a rubber hammer and polished it up for $27.  In the parking lot.  In the rain.
  5. The tire went flat on Sunday.  Two screws.  In different spots. Darn. On the bright side, my husband dealt with it.
  6. I still love my Bloodhound even though she ate my best pair of winter gloves. My right glove has a big CHOMP at the wrist.
  7. Heard a romantic “how-we-met” story from a woman who lost her home to foreclosure.  Forced to downsize, she sold off her possessions. This guy kept  coming back, and back, buying up large lots at bargain prices.  A year later, she’s shopping in an  antique store when she comes across a booth filled with her old stuff… and the guy who bought it all. She tells him he should buy her dinner.  He does. They marry a year later.  And she gets most of her possessions back! Plus a wonderful husband! (I love this story!)
  8. Movie dialogue that resonated all too deeply  with me: “It’s everything I never wore.” (from Seeking a Friend for the End of the World)
  9.  I met a man who needed my lighted, animatronic flamingo more than I did.  “Mingo-Clingo the Flamingo” has been re-homed.

    Can I teach him to type?
    Can I teach him to type?

Now, off to go shoe shopping because my fortune demands peep-toe stacked pumps.  Just kidding. But maybe I’ll buy a new pair of leather gloves if I can’t fix the ones I have. How’s your week?




Walmart and the Eightfold Path

My husband and I had a big fight in the parking lot of Walmart. Over a garbage can. He wasn’t my husband back then. We’d only just moved in together (2001) and in the process of “nesting” I busied myself with vanquishing his bachelor ways. As a newly-minted couple, this was our first big blowout. I’d crossed the line when it came to the kitchen garbage can.

Years later, that very garbage can rears its ugly head… in a book my husband is writing about Buddhism. I’m trying very hard to lead a more aware and enlightened life, so editing the final draft I’ve had a chance to reflect. Some aspects of Buddhism come naturally, others I need to keep working on.

Example of Wrong Action:

During a garage sale last summer a neighbor racked up $25 worth of bargains and promised to pay me later that day. You can guess how that turned out. Not a dime. Seven months later, my keen sense of dog poo timing means every time I take my Bloodhound out for a walk she somehow manages to “lay timber” in this neighbor’s yard… where I’ve NEVER picked it up.

Example of Right Action:

Coming home from a Portland Trailblazer’s game I got on the wrong train. I wound up heading in the wrong direction, changed trains, and somehow found myself STILL on the wrong train and heading to the airport late at night. By now, the once fan-packed cars were empty. Except for me. And a young Hispanic guy who was bleeding.

A lot.

His knuckles were a crisscross of open wounds. He sat directly across from me and stared. I wanted to say something, but really, what could I say? I felt a little scared, too. He looked angry. I finally thought of something I could do to help him.

My friends tease me about being such a girl scout, prepared for anything. In my wallet I carry a half dozen bandages and some first aid cream. Digging through the folds of my wallet, I fished out my medical supplies. I leaned forward, held out everything I had and asked him if he needed help. What happened next surprised me. His eyes filled with tears and he hurried off the train at the next stop. Not a word spoken.

Compassion came naturally to me that night and it doesn’t in other situations. Like with dog poo. Logically, I know I need to cut out this passive aggressive Sh%^ (literally!) and stop judging the neighbor, but as I edit the pages of my husband’s book I’m left wondering if a fight over a garbage can in the parking lot of Walmart was what actually set me on the path to enlightenment… as slow and gradual as it might be!

Jamie Brazil is the author of the contemporary romance, Prince Charming, Inc. and a coming-of-age novel, The Mayan Sisterhood.