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Bloodhounds and Buddhism

The Wisdom of the Buddhist Bloodhound The basics of Buddhism according to Frankie the Bloodhound – debut author, kitty enthusiast, and seeker of higher thought. She has compressed thousands of years of spirituality into 39 nuggets of wisdom (with full-color photos) in this unique canine interpretation of enlightenment that will delight dog lovers as well as readers on the trail to greater awareness.


By Jamie Brazil

YA author and screenwriter

4 replies on “Bloodhounds and Buddhism”

Frankie certainly walked the middle path today quickly returning to present moment awareness after being attacked by a less aware being who was almost smashed by a speeding truck!

Sorry it took so long for me to leave a comment, but it’s been crazy around my house lately. Your dog is beautiful. I downloaded her book. Can’t wait to read it.
Good luck.

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