Don’t Let Your Bloodhound Watch Star Wars

I didn’t know there was a danger. Not a clue. One day we’re a normal household of dominant married couple with a docile Bloodhound, the next everything flipped. I blame Star Wars.

The first sign was pretty clear. My husband and I left Frankie, locked in the kitchen using a baby gate, for a couple hours. We’re good dog parents. She had water, food, toys, chewies and a comfy bed. When we returned, our home had sustained some damage… But before we could scold our wayward canine, a message overcame all thoughts in our minds. “This is not the Bloodhound you seek. She did not chew through the baby gate, get trapped in the living room and pee on the carpet. It was another dog.”

Obviously, our dog is a Jedi Master with incredible powers. Another example of her control, on our daily walks I know the names of all the neighborhood dogs (Andy, Lucky, Logan, Blue, Riley, Spot and Dusty), but I rarely remember their owners.  Humans just don’t seem important anymore.

Then there’s the feeding schedule. My husband and I are slaves to it. There’s breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks between walks, pees… and sometimes for no reason at all. Occasionally there’s the double feed. After I feed Frankie, she will often use the Dog Force on my poor husband. “There wasn’t any kibble in this bowl. You will fill the bowl now. You live to fill the bowl. Burp!” Obi-Wan Kenobi had no idea what he was unleashing on us!

So, does your Bloodhound or dog have similar powers? I’d love to hear from you. If I don’t reply to your responses right away, it’s because I have an overwhelming urge to feed the dog a third lunch and rub her belly for an hour.

Jamie Brazil is a contemporary fiction author.  Her comedic romance novel, Prince Charming, Inc., is a Night Owl Romance “Top Pick.”  

8 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Bloodhound Watch Star Wars

  1. Great post Jamie, I too am slave to 3 dogs schedules, wants, needs, and powers they hold over me. My biggest – and oldest- knows how to press the ice maker button on the fridge, open the garage door with the big button on the wall, and there isn’t a garbage container lid that she isn’t capable of opening. She especially likes the ones with the button on the bottom that she can press with her paw while waiting for the opening to her fun feeding trough to open and she can stick her big head inside. She has trained me to make sure nothing she’d like to snack on is in the house garbage can, lol…

  2. Mandy, I’m more worried about your garage door than your garbage can. It’s slippery slope from opening the garage door to nabbing the car keys and peeling out of the driveway! By any chance, is your oldest part Bloodhound?

  3. We purchased a dog door that operates from a small electronic box on the dogs’ collar. This works great about 70% of the time. This week I spend two days trying to find a new box for one of our dogs when it went bad. Without the box I spend my time plotting how to get the dog outside several times a day. Write? Who has time to write? I have dogs

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