Walmart and the Eightfold Path: Part II

Back in March, I wrote about a blow out I had with my husband in a superstore parking lot ( see Walmart and the Eightfold Path).   Over a trash can!  It’s been a very popular post.  I also discussed a yard sale, dog poop, the night I rode the Max train home after a Portland Trailblazers game… and how someday being a better person might come naturally to me.  One commenter, Terri Patrick, even suggested that the garbage can might be symbolic — a sort of trailhead on my path to greater understanding.

I think she’s right. 

 What’s more, that post was inspired by a book.  My husband’s book.  At that time I was editing his draft, and in the moment, I felt somewhat taken aback.  Did he have to share our long-ago spat… the bloom of our love forever tarnished by a fight over a garbage can… really?  But as I kept reading my husband’s personal journey to enlightenment, and his version of the Four Noble Truths, I had to admit I fell a little bit more in love with him on every page.  He’s a funny guy with a big heart and whole bunch of chainsaws.  He likes beer and loves me.  And best of all, he’s mine.  

 So today I am proud to announce the release of his new book, The Redneck Buddhist, along with his brand new website!  

 And to celebrate the day, his other book, The Walk, will be a free download on Amazon until midnight.  Enjoy!  enlightenment-retirement-spiritual-journey

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