Fancy Schmancy Rubber Cowboy Boots!

My well-loved, Frye Harness boots gave up the ghost last winter.  They’re true-blue-made-in-USA vintage.   They also leak, the separated right heel makes a slapping noise with every step, and the leather is creased and worn like great boots get after a couple decades of wear.  Not that I will ever give these boots up.  In fact, I need to add an addendum to my last will and testament – bury me in my favorite boots. 

The good news is my Fryes can be resurrected… the bad is it’ll cost a mint.  In the meantime, I’ve been casting about in my usual haunts for a new, cute, and affordable pair of farm boots.  

Enter the sample sale!

Last week I was trolling the garage sale listings when I found a sales rep clearing out her old stock.  75-90% off retail.  Sounded like my kind of sale… even if it was pouring rain outside.   Now, the odds of plucking through someone else’s cast offs (even if the stuff is brand new and still in the box), at a tarped-up version of a yard sale, AND finding footwear in exactly my size are pretty slim. 

 Yet last Friday I found my boots.  

 Cost?  Five bucks. 

My fancy-schmancy “Occasionally Made” rubber cowboy boots are white on black.  Plus, check out those hot pink heels.  Even the combo of grass clippings and morning dew looks cool (adding to the joy-fest, I’m really, really happy my husband finally got around to mowing yesterday).   

My ideal pair of interim boots was a score… so imagine my surprise when the sales rep pulled out a matching pair of waterproof ballet flats.   Yippeeee!  This was cause for some serious, well-shod happy dancing. 







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