Happy Monday! Let’s Play “777”

Here we go again, another blog and another “tag” game… instigated by who else, that instigating minx, author MEGGAN CONNORS

But before I get started I just wanted to wish everyone a happy, after Easter, Monday, not that today is celebrated all that much.  Wait, not that my family acknowledged yesterday all that much!  For the first time in a decade we DIDN’T do anything.  No church.  No ham feast.  No colored eggs.  Nothing special.   My mom-in-law went out for Chinese food, I walked the dog, wrote, then cruised the Fred Meyer garden center with a fistful of coupons and my hubby. 

This was possibly my best Easter Sunday ever! 

As an added bonus, we had club sandwiches for dinner.  My friend and critique partner Frank shoots gobblers in eastern Oregon.  He had a couple turkeys in his freezer from his last hunt, but even one tom was more than his family could get through on Easter weekend.  He asked if we wanted any.  If you’ve never had wild smoked turkey before let me say the taste is BEYOND DIVINE.  Yesterday’s sandwich was pretty much the magnum opus of clubs, layered with smoked turkey, artisan bacon, avocado, and tomato between slices of toasted sourdough.    

Back to 777.   Here are the rules:

Go to page 77 of your current work in progress.

Scroll down 7 lines.

Paste the next 7 sentences into your blog. 

Then tag 7 more authors to carry forth the 7’s game (add their links, and don’t forget to link to the person who tagged you… also let everyone know)

Here are my sentences (the best friend is doing yoga, she’s in the warrior position) :

The corners of Carly’s mouth turned down and a wave of satisfaction rolled over Larissa, she’d gotten through to her at last.  

Carly released her warrior.   “Stop trying to control everything.” 

“I’m controlling?”  Larissa slid the gold-embossed certificate for swimming lessons out of her pocket and waved it.  Friends didn’t let friends go swimming, not if the prospect of setting so much as a toe in a pool sent waves of terror through her.  “Some asshole thinks I need to learn the breast stroke.”

 And here are the 7 lucky and fabulously talented authors I’ve tagged!

 Rebecca HeflinB.J. Scott, Lia DavisSusan Muller Rose Vanden Eynden, Kristina Knight, and Mandi Casey .

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