Jamie Brazil is a lifelong morning person, happiest when the sun is rising. She writes novels and screenplays with her husband,and had a hand in a certain book of wisdom authored by her beloved Bloodhound. Writing life aside, Jamie has worked as a unit production manager for multiple television documentaries aired on NHK, BBC, and throughout Asia.




Prince Charming, Inc. prince-charming-inc- contemporary-romance-novel-humor-fullsizecover

Laugh-out-loud moments with clever dialogue.” ~ Kirkus Reviews 

“The sexy interplay between characters was impossible to resist and the supporting cast was vibrant and well thought out.” ~ Coffee Time Romance 

“Delightfully weird and funny.” ~ Night Owl Reviews 


Some Writers Deserve to Starve! 31 Brutal Truths About the Publishing StarveIndustry

“If you seek success as a writer, save yourself some time, trouble (and maybe a few bucks) by buying Some Writers Deserve to Starve.” ~ Donald Maass, noted agent and author of Writing the Breakout Novel

“Smart, savvy, and practical.” ~ Elizabeth Lyon, author of bestselling books on writing



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